All of our Meats are available at The Barn at Millers Crossing during store hours. During the winter please email orders for pick up at the farm or the Hudson Winter Market.


Steak Typeapproximate Sizeprice/lb
Tenderloin Steak/filet Mignon1 1/2" thick 8 oz steaks$27.00/lb
T-Bone1 1/2 inch thick 18 oz steaks$22.00/lb
Porterhouse1 1/2 inch thick 21 oz steaks$22.00/lb
New York Strip$24.00/lb
Rib Steak1 lb steaks$20.00/lb
Sirloin SteakBoneless 1 1/2" thick 2 lb steaks$17.00/lb
Flat IronGreat 1/2 lb steak$13.00/lb
Flank Steaklimited availibility$13.00/lb
Skirtlimited availibility$13.00/lb
Flap Meat1/2 lb steaks- limited availibility$13.00/lb
Farm at Miller's Crossing Beef Steaks


Sausage TypeApproximate SizePrice/lb
Hot Dogs1 lb pkg$12.00/lb
Bulk Sweet Sausage Sausage1 lb pkg$8.00/lb
Keilbasa1 lb pkg$10.00/lb
Bratwurst1 lb pkg$10.00/lb
Breakfast sausage links1 lb pkg$10.00/lb
Sweet Italian Links1 lb pkg$10.00/lb
Hot Italian Links1 lb pkg$10.00/lb
Farm at Miller's Crossing Sausages


Beef TypeApproximate SizePrice/lb
Ground Beef Patties2 lb pkg 4 patties$7.75/lb
Ground Beef$7.00/lb
sandwich steaksthin slices off the london broil$11.00/lb
Stew1 lb packages$10.00/lb
Short Ribs & Shanksapprox. 1 lb packages$6.50/lb
Soup Bones1-3 lb package$2.00/lb
Marrow Bones1 lb packages$4.00/lb
Liver1 lb packages$4.00/lb
Heart1 lb packages$2.00/lb
Sweetbreads1/2 lb packages$4.00/lb
Farm at Miller's Crossing Beef Patties


Pork ItemApproximate SizePrice/Lb
Pork Chops, Center Cutbone in 1 inch$12.00
Smoked Pork Chops, Center Cutbone in 1 inch$13.75
Ham Steaks1 lb pkgs$10.00
Smoked Ham Steaks1 lb pkgs$11.75
Fresh Ham Roast$10.00
Country Style Ribsgreat meaty ribs from the shoulder1 1/4 inch$8.00
Sausage, breakfast bulkmild$8.00
Sausage, maple breakfast links$10.00
Spare Ribs$6.50
Smoked Ham Hocks$7.50
Leaf lardrender your own lard$3.00
Farm at Miller's Crossing Bacon