Steak Typeapproximate Sizeprice/lb
Tenderloin Steak/filet Mignon1 1/2" thick 8 oz steaks$27.00/lb
T-Bone1 1/2 inch thick 18 oz steaks$22.00/lb
Porterhouse1 1/2 inch thick 21 oz steaks$22.00/lb
New York Strip$24.00/lb
Rib Steak1 lb steaks$20.00/lb
Sirloin SteakBoneless 1 1/2" thick 2 lb steaks$17.00/lb
Flat IronGreat 1/2 lb steak$13.00/lb
Flank Steaklimited availibility$13.00/lb
Skirtlimited availibility$13.00/lb
Flap Meat1/2 lb steaks- limited availibility$13.00/lb
Farm at Miller's Crossing Beef Steaks


Sausage TypeApproximate SizePrice/lb
Hot Dogs1 lb pkg$12.00/lb
Bulk Sweet Sausage Sausage1 lb pkg$8.00/lb
Keilbasa1 lb pkg$10.00/lb
Bratwurst1 lb pkg$10.00/lb
Breakfast sausage links1 lb pkg$10.00/lb
Sweet Italian Links1 lb pkg$10.00/lb
Hot Italian Links1 lb pkg$10.00/lb
Farm at Miller's Crossing Sausages


Beef TypeApproximate SizePrice/lb
Ground Beef Patties2 lb pkg 4 patties$7.75/lb
Ground Beef$7.00/lb
sandwich steaksthin slices off the london broil$11.00/lb
Stew1 lb packages$10.00/lb
Short Ribs & Shanksapprox. 1 lb packages$6.50/lb
Soup Bones1-3 lb package$2.00/lb
Marrow Bones1 lb packages$4.00/lb
Liver1 lb packages$4.00/lb
Heart1 lb packages$2.00/lb
Sweetbreads1/2 lb packages$4.00/lb
Farm at Miller's Crossing Beef Patties


Pork ItemApproximate SizePrice/Lb
Pork Chops, Center Cutbone in 1 inch$12.00
Smoked Pork Chops, Center Cutbone in 1 inch$13.75
Ham Steaks1 lb pkgs$10.00
Smoked Ham Steaks1 lb pkgs$11.75
Fresh Ham Roast$10.00
Country Style Ribsgreat meaty ribs from the shoulder1 1/4 inch$8.00
Sausage, breakfast bulkmild$8.00
Sausage, maple breakfast links$10.00
Spare Ribs$6.50
Smoked Ham Hocks$7.50
Leaf lardrender your own lard$3.00
Farm at Miller's Crossing Bacon